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Knot tying is part of the practice of marlinespike seamanship - the general knowledge of knots and the care of rope. The ability to tie knots, bends and hitches, splice rope and use lines properly sets the trained boater apart from the landlubber.

The term marlinespike comes from the metal tool used in working with rope. Every skipper needs to know how to tie at least a few basic knots.

To prolong the life of your lines, keep them clean, as free from grit as possible, and out of the sun when not in use.

Figure Eight
Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
Cleat Hitch


The knot drawings were developed from illustrations in The Squadron Boating Course, Seamanship Student Manual, and Marlinespike Learning Guide. They are used by permission of USPS, all rights reserved. All three manuals are available from your Squadron Education Officer.

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