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Anyone who has an interest in boating and would like to join is eligible - you don't even need to own a boat. “Membership in Dundalk Sail and Power Squadron has many benefits, including: 1. Our advanced and elective courses are well-known for their usefulness to boaters. We encourage you to start with the America's Boating Course.

. Our advanced and elective courses are well-known for their usefulness to boaters. We encourage you to start with the Seamanship course.

2. We have an arrangement with St. Paul Insurance Company that gives preferential rates to our members and could reduce your boat insurance premium.

3. BOAT/US reduces its dues by 50% for Squadron members. There are several BOAT/US stores in our area, where you will receive discounts on marine supplies. They also offer towboat insurance, boat loans, auto rental and hotel discounts, and boat buying and selling assistance to BOAT/US members.

4. Our monthly meetings feature interesting speakers and activities, as well as an opportunity to socialize with other boaters. See our calendar page for details.

5. The Squadron holds rendezvous during the summer and fall where we cruise to a marina for a weekend of fun. In May we observe Safe Boating Weekend.

6. Our Port Captains program gives you an experienced contact person almost everywhere in the United States so you can get local cruising information or assistance.

7. Squadron members receive the USPS national magazine, which contains much helpful information and cruising tips.

8. Under our Cooperative Charting Program, we work with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce to help with the huge and important task of keeping nautical charts up to date.

9. A new and important service we provide to the boating community is the Vessel Safety Check program (formerly CME). Our squadron now has several qualified vessel examiners who will be providing these free safety evaluations to boaters at many marinas in our area.

10. Many of our members teach boating courses so they can share their skills and know-how with other boaters.

11. Members are entitled to fly the flags of the Power Squadron on their boats. They show that you are a member of a safe boating organization and reduce your chances of being stopped for routine inspections by law enforcement officers.

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